About Alchemilla

Adventurer Valo and magical counselor Fabumus are ready to find out what kind of secrets the city of Alchemilla holds. Or at least they think they are. Their journey just might end up them digging too deep into both the city's and their own pasts. And maybe even the past, present and the future of the whole land.

About the Creator

I'm Sara, the creator of Alchemilla.

I'm a Finnish graphic designer who has also studied in Scotland. Comics and stories are my absolute passion. I've been making them both printed and for web about three years having them in anthologies and creating my own zines. Alchemilla is my biggest and most ambitious comic project until now. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating it.

Thank you for reading and see ya!

Ames -font used in Alchemilla is made by Päivi Toikka

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