Valo - The former adventurer and Fabumus' old friend before Alchemilla. They want to become rich, famous and important but don't seem have any idea how to accomplish that.

Fabumus - The gentle counselor of Saint Momos' crisis center. Lives a quiet life dedicated to helping others. Although he is a worrywart in general brash Valo is his main source of anxiety.

Helle - Hardworking and sweet fawn girl who is the cleaning lady at Saint Momos'. Likes: cute things and boys. 
Doesn't like: Valo.

Nikolas - Troll who works at Saint Momos' as a janitor. Keeps mostly to himself. 

Kirke - Siren maiden who was driven away from her community because she didn't like eating sailors. Without any other place to go she ended up to Alchemilla and Saint Momos'. 

Orpheus - had his body torn into pieces by angry Maenads. He spends most of his time at Saint Momos' in his room alone.

Flora - Strange little girl who lives in Saint Momos'. Not much is known about them.

 Mr. Choptooth - Quiet, grumpy monster who lives in Saint Momos'. Likes to eat little white mystery creatures.

Datura Elzeard - Mysterious Elzeard shares their body with a flower Datura who seems to know Fabumus from somewhere.

Kuu - Kave creature who just arrived to Alchemilla with their mother and two siblings. People don't always take them seriously because of their size.
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