Posted March 7, 2018 at 19:32
I made changes to the old Alchemilla pages especially in the chapter 2. I can't believe how much my art has changed over time so I was tempted to fix some of the pages. The art was really wonky sometimes and there were even some mistakes from the storytelling perspective. I'm really happy how it turned out! I wanted to point this out so you know there has been changes. 

I still wish I could fix some of the lettering but that will take time too. I aim to do that at least for the printed version when it comes out.

Some other minor changes involved character designs. I did update the ones I wasn't happy with or didn't serve their purpose. Anyway I think I'll be the only one who even notices any of those changes anyway but I still wanted to let you know. However, I personally think Alchemilla has never looked better and I'm very happy! 

See ya soon again!

Sara out
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